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Dr Nazli Alimen

Research interests

Nazlı’s research interests extend to a wide range of areas and topics, including fashion and dress, material and visual cultures, and marketing. Her current research activities fall into three main areas: Brands and consumers in online commerce, Muslim men, dress and fashion, and decolonizing fashion studies and fashion education. 

Nazlı is currently working on:

Journal Special Issue with Kutuk-Kuris, M. ‘Fashion and Dress in Contemporary Turkey’ for International Journal of Fashion Studies, 7 (2), October 2020.

Article “The Investigation of an Ottoman Outer Garment: Feraces from the Sixteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries”

Research Project with Wilk, V. and Lambert, C. (Edith Cowan University, Australia) Empirical study examining brands and customer engagement in e-commerce.


2018 Faith and Fashion in Turkey: Consumption, Politics and Islamic Identities. London: I.B.Tauris.

Journal Articles

2020 with Askegaard, S. “Consumption Objects of Circumcision Ceremonies in Turkey: The Context of Context”, International Journal of Fashion Studies, 7 (2).

2011 with Bayraktaroğlu, G. “Consumption Adjustments of Turkish Consumers during the Global Financial Crisis”, Ege Academic Review, 11 (2), 193–203.

2010 with Cerit, G. “Dimensions of Brand Knowledge: Turkish University Students’ Consumption of International Fashion Brands”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 23 (4), 538–58.

Chapters in Edited Books

2018 “The Fashions and Politics of Facial Hair in Turkey: The Case of Islamic Men”, in The Routledge International Handbook to Veils and Veiling, Anna-Mari Almila and David Inglis (eds.), Oxon, UK: Routledge, 116-24.

Book Reviews

2020 Ottoman Design in the West: A Visual History of Cultural Exchange by Charlotte A. Jirousek”, International Journal of Fashion Studies, 7 (2).

2019 “Modern Fashion Traditions: Negotiating Tradition and Modernity through Fashion, edited by M. Angela Jansen and Jennifer Craik”, International Journal of Fashion Studies, 6 (2), 303–5.

2017 “Review of Yılmaz, Hale, Becoming Turkish: Nationalist Reforms Cultural Negotiations in Early Republican Turkey, 1923–1945”. H-Nationalism, H-Net Reviews. November 2017. Available at: https://www.h-net.org/reviews/showpdf.php?id=50490 

2015 “Book Review: Islamic Masculinities by Amanullah de Sondy”, Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 22 (8), 1197–8.

Dr Nazli Alimen

BCU School of Fashion and Textiles, 5 Cardigan Street, Parkside Building, Room 312, B4 7BD, Birmingham, UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 121 331 7247

Email: nazli.alimen@bcu.ac.uk